CQC has publicly stated it is keen to increase the percentage of ‘Outstanding' rated adult social care services. Be one of them!

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Welcome to Outstanding Care Consultancy. My name is Karen Ritson and I am here to support adult social care providers and registered managers to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating with the Care Quality Commission.

Keeping my work focused on this one important area means I stick with what I am good at and it ensures I can make a great difference to care business success.

To date I have supported a number of care services to improve their practice in preparation for their CQC inspection. Two such services have had their CQC inspection since engaging my support and both have improved their rating from Good to Outstanding. You can see their reports here and here.

Prior to leaving, I had 15 years experience working for CQC as a care inspector. I also played a key role in developing the guidance inspectors use to reach a judgement about the ratings they award. The rating guidance provides prompts for inspectors about the type of evidence to look for when they carry out an inspection.

I have been a regular member of local regional CQC panels which decide whether reports should be published with an ‘Outstanding’ rating. During this time I have found that whilst achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating is about care, skills and resources, it is also crucially about providing the right kind of evidence. Many care service providers who do not recognise this miss out on the rating they deserve.

Inspectors may believe a service merits an ‘Outstanding’ rating and may draft an ‘Outstanding’ rated report, but that is just the start of a long process. Reports are reviewed up to three times before an ‘Outstanding’ rating is awarded. The inspector has to justify their position at every stage. Review panels look for specific type of evidence. If they don't find this, the report is published with a ‘Good’ rating instead.

It is a frustrating fact that some services do not receive the rating they should have. The 'State of Care' report published by CQC this year showed that 3% of adult social care services now achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating. CQC has publicly stated that it is keen to increase this percentage.

‘Outstanding Care Consultancy’ can support you to focus your efforts where they are most effective. You will find out how to present evidence so that your inspector and those who review the draft report will have no question about awarding an ‘Outstanding’ rating. This is straightforward and simple to do when you know how.

The substantially higher fees which ‘Outstanding’ rated care homes attract allow care providers to invest in improving the care they offer. This contributes to an upward spiral of quality which is of benefit for everyone.

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